AS Services had made Government Projects, Automobiles software, AutoConsultancy software as well as Electric
showroom's software, web based service product and android as well as iOS application they all are Currently in use.

Government Project

This is Our live running project on ftp server of Nondhni Vibhag Kacheri, Sub Registrar Bhavnagar. In this 13 sub districts Kacheri are connected together and work at a time on same server from different places.

Auto Consultancy

In this software selling and purchasing of old vehicles is possible and all transaction of vehicles can be stored as record about the buyer or seller. We have two clients which are currently using this software.

Electric Showroom

In this software all products of electronic can be maintain via fully computerized system. In this system installment of product, billing of electric items and all other necessary requirements are fulfilled.

Automobiles Showroom

In this software all vehicle of showroom can be maintain and sell on bases of installment or cash via fully computerized system, as well as installment of vehicle, billing of vehicle and installment receipt and all other necessary requirements are fulfilled.

Accounting of Electronics

In this system daily transaction of whole electronic agency can be maintain, as well as they can have daily account on their hand via this system. They can see debit or credit of any day via this system.

Accounting of Automobiles

In this system daily transaction of whole automobile agency can be maintain, as well as they can have daily account on their hand via this system. They can see debit or credit of any day via this system.

Our Softwares

We had done below mentioned software as well as website which are currently running in different firms.
We had just put some Screen shot of it over here which specifies particular page of the system.

2nd Hand Vehicle Buy Sell

Desktop Application



Desktop Application



Desktop Application



Desktop Application


Government Project

Web Application



Web, Android & iOS Application



Web & Android Application


India Federation

Web Application


Our Services

We providing best services in many different platforms as per requirements of client,
We always try to deliver best services to our users and clients

Web Application

  • MVC Framework
  • Angular JS
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • Responsive Web Design

  • Mobile App

  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Wearable App       Development

  • Desktop App

  • Accounting
  • Auto Consultancy
  • Automobiles
  • Document Printing

  • Domain

  • Domain Registration
  • Mail Hosting
  • Bulk Domain
  • Sub Domain Registration

  • Graphics Design

  • Web Design
  • Email Design
  • Banner Design
  • Software Design

  • WordPress

  • WordPress Theme Integration
  • WooCommerce Development

  • Our Skills

    Graphics Design


    HTML & CSS




    Android & iOS App


    Why People like us?

    The elegancy and the uniqueness in our solutions makes us mesmerizing which flourish us more in building customer centric experiences. We believe in crafting innovative and creative solutions.
    Creating web site is archaic, we deliver experience. Turning imaginations into reality we believe in digging deep roots of satisfactory and unforgettable user experience.
    We expertise in making user friendly solutions and made a well-organized user interface which is easy, intuitive, efficient and reliable.

    We develop and deliver innovation that possess high quality and cost efficient solutions with decency and 100% transparency.

    We make iconic brands which wins a user’s heart and occupy his mind. We give user identity because an identity is formed by the logo (brand)and its application.
    We made pleasant ,easy to navigate GUI. Each solution is created with usability and flexibility in mind while providing seamless navigational experience.

  • Getting to know your business
  • Understanding your goals
  • Assessing your competition
  • Understanding your project
  • Understanding Taget audience
  • Functional requirements
  • Infastructure requirements
  • Database requirements
  • Domain procurement
  • Hosting & more...

    The essential, strategic 1st step.

  • Creating the blueprint for success

  • Mapping your site
  • Information architecture
  • Laying it out in wireframes
  • Generating a keyword bank
  • Project plan / Schedule
  • Deliverables / Milestones
  • Resources / Funding plan
  • Payment process & more...

  • Crafting the user experience
  • The visual design blooms from the templates you choose
  • Logo design
  • Theme / Template design
  • Photoshop layouts
  • Media Enhancement
  • Banner design
  • Revision & Finalization

  • Coding & Conversion
  • Casecading Style Sheet
  • Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Reporting / Analytics setup
  • Data integration
  • Social media integration
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing

    We not only develop the things, but we add soul to that.

  • Site Upload
  • Database Setup
  • Blog Initiation
  • Directory Submission
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Tutorials
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Yearly Maintenance

    Any business has only two functions marketing & inovvations.

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